Refuge de Petra piana (Manganu> Petra Piana: outward journey: 6:30 am; return: 6 hrs) Some agree that this is the second most beautiful stage of the route, it is also technical and very mineral : return to the pebbles and dry climb to Bocca alle Porte then climb to the famous Brèche de Capitellu, which offers an extraordinary view of the lakes of Melu and Capitellu. If there is no major risk on the route, it is a "Beautiful mountain stage", understand there a demanding stage which requires attention at all times especially at the start of the season where snowfields may persist involving the use of crampons, the use of a rope and an ice ax. From the breach you will reach Bocca a Soglia then Bocca Rinosa and finally Bocca Muzzella from where you will start the descent to the refuge of Petra Piana.

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Bât Flanc

Dormitory in refuge.
(Blankets are not provided)


Space per person without provision of tent.

Bivouac one person + tent

1 bivouac + 1 rental tent
(The tent will be equipped with a small mattress)

Bivouac two people + tent

2 bivouac + 1 rental tent
(The tent will be equipped with two small mattresses)