Stage 6: (Ciottulu di i Mori -> Manganu: outward journey: 8 hrs; return: 8 hrs) It is an extremely long stage but considered by our field agents as "rolling". If the stages in the North are very technical, very brittle and have put your bodies and your joints to the test, this portion will prove to be non-traumatic and all in progress. (NB: If you find it too long, you can decide to cut the stage in two thanks to the private accommodation of Castel di Verghju.) The descent is done along the Golu and passes near the sheepfolds of Tula then, having Take care to follow the markings because two other paths, that of the transhumance and the Mare a Mare North, appear to you, you will reach the picturesque sheepfolds of E Radule. At the Castel di Verghju, take the old walkway in the Laricciu pine forest, the climb is gentle until the St Pierre Chapel, it continues to climb gradually until Bocca a Reta and there: stop everything, open your eyes , take a deep breath and tell yourself that one of the most beautiful lakes in Corsica is at your feet unless it is the opposite… Lake Ninu, the incomparable green of its pozzines, its horses, its wilderness… everything will resonate in you as a call to freedom and you may begin to understand the crazy love of each Corsica for its land ... At the edge of the lake, do not miss the source to quench your thirst before heading through the beech forest to the sheepfolds of Vaccaghja where you can taste the cheese for sale. Cross the Camputile plateau to reach the watershed at Bocca d'Acqua Ciarnente, located at 1568m, the limit of Haute-Corse and Corse du Sud, by a slight climb. Fifteen minutes later after crossing a small footbridge you will finally reach the Manganu refuge located at the foot of the Bocca alle Porte climb. If you are tempted by the stars, take advantage of the bivouac area set up by the river, it is pure happiness ...

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Bât Flanc

Dormitory in refuge.
(Blankets are not provided)


Space per person without provision of tent.

Bivouac one person + tent

1 bivouac + 1 rental tent
(The tent will be equipped with a small mattress)

Bivouac two people + tent

2 bivouac + 1 rental tent
(The tent will be equipped with two small mattresses)