Stage 3: (Carozzu -> Ascu Stagnu: outward journey: 6:10 am; return: 4:45 am) At the risk of repeating ourselves, be aware that this 3rd stage is devoid of water on the whole route and do not be tempted by the water of the lake of Muvrella it is unfit for consumption! Did you take advantage of the sea view terrace at the Carrozzu refuge? Launch yourself now like Indiana Jones on the assault on the Spasimata catwalk, this 30-year-old suspension bridge rehabilitated by the PNRC, will not disappoint thrill seekers ... Don't hesitate to swim in the course water thus crossed before beginning the ascent to Lake Muvrella then prepare for the ascent of a fairly steep corridor to reach the Bocca di Stagnu pass, the highest point of the stage (2010 m). Once the pass is crossed, and a fairly steep descent, you will cross a laricio pine forest, sometimes centuries-old trees to reach the Haut Asco ski resort where the eponymous refuge is located.

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Bât Flanc

Dormitory in refuge.
(Blankets are not provided)


Space per person without provision of tent.

Bivouac one person + tent

1 bivouac + 1 rental tent
(The tent will be equipped with a small mattress)

Bivouac two people + tent

2 bivouac + 1 rental tent
(The tent will be equipped with two small mattresses)