Stage 1: (Calinzana> Ortu di u Piobbu: outward journey: 6:30 am / return: 5h) The adventure begins in ... Calenzana. This ancient village of shepherds with a territory as vast as it is varied with its 30 km of sea frontage, its forests and its valleys, is also the starting point of the GR20. It is at the top of the village, at the San'Antone fountain that the route begins, taking an authentic mule track to the Ortiventi fountain, the last water point now before reaching the Ortu refuge di u Piobbu… Halfway through, at an altitude of 820 m, a stop is essential at the Arghjova promontory, which marks the beginning of a real physical commitment on a path that has become more rugged and which may require the use of the hands… We has entered the heart of the matter… the famous white and red brand imposes its rhythm on us… The effort will be greatly rewarded in Bocca at u Saltu by an exceptional sea view accentuated by the tender green of the lawn which offers the weary hiker a carpet gentle… 6:30 am later, at an altitude of 1520 m, the refuge of Ortu di u Piobbu welcomes the deserving hiker.

Our services

Bât Flanc

Dormitory in refuge.
(Blankets are not provided)


Space per person without provision of tent.

Bivouac one person + tent

1 bivouac + 1 rental tent
(The tent will be equipped with a small mattress)

Bivouac two people + tent

2 bivouac + 1 rental tent
(The tent will be equipped with two small mattresses)